Cancer Does Not Define Our Lives

Unfortunately over the past couple of years, cancer has taken up a large part of our time, our thoughts, and our emotions.  But….cancer is NOT who we are!  To focus all of our attention on this illness would be like setting it up as an idol in our lives.  To let cancer be what defines us, would be robbing God of His glory and instead giving that glory to satan.  Satan wants to see us walking around in defeat, but God’s Word says that it is the enemy that has been defeated.  Even in the midst of cancer, we are the victors through Christ Jesus!  There are many days when I’m feeling down and anxious about the future that I have to remind myself of this and claim God’s promises. 

Cancer is real and cancer is scary and cancer is ugly.  We don’t believe that cancer is from God, nor do we believe that it’s a punishment from God.  But, we do believe that God has allowed it into our family for some reason.  Greg is a child of God, and nothing can touch Him without God’s permission.  We may never know why God has allowed it, so we try to focus on the things that we do know.  We know that God loves us…so much that He sent His only Son to die for us.  We know that He will NEVER leave us.  We know that He has a good plan for our lives.  We know that He is for us.  We don’t know the outcome of this journey, but we do know that with God ALL things are possible.  So we will continue to trust and believe Him for Greg’s complete healing.  We know that He is able!!

Like I said, our family is more than a cancer diagnosis.  So as we are getting ready to head to Houston for Greg’s surgery, here are some things that have been happening in our home:

We enjoyed having Katie home last week for her Spring break.  She is closing in on her first year at Point University, and looking forward to a busy summer as a counselor at Winshape Camps teaching Propel My Life.

Emilie is enjoying her new job at Chick-fil-A and working a good bit.  She and a couple of other girls have recently started leading a weekly Bible study.  She’s getting close to completing her senior year of high school and making plans for what she wants to do next year.

Jake is coming to the end of middle school and looking forward to starting high school in the Fall.  He recently got braces and is having to adjust to not eating certain foods.  (Really hard for a 13 year old boy!)

Jacob and I attended the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s production of The American Journey Through Music with our homeschool history group.


Katie, Jake and I took a spontaneous field trip to Fort Tyler in West Point.



I am working on transcripts, lesson plans, FAFSA reports, etc. to finish out the school year.  Greg continues to go to work every day along with trying to get things ready at work and at home to be gone for two weeks.

Greg is still feeling well and the head/chest cold that he had is about gone!  Thank you for your prayers for that!  Please continue to pray that our family will have peace on these days leading up to Greg’s surgery.  Cancer is big, but our God is bigger!!!


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  1. Richard and Jane Ballard
    Mar 22, 2013 @ 20:12:12

    I worked with George for many years at Delta and just learned of Greg’s upcoming surgery. My wife, Jane and I will be praying diligently without ceasing. We are claiming that promise in scripture that says: Because The Lord Is Our Shephed , He Is ALL We Need.
    Just wanted your family to know we will be putting Greg and all his precious family on our prayer list at First Baptist Church Jonesboro .
    We will be keeping up with his Blog.

    In His Name!
    Richard and Jane Ballard



  2. Cheri Smith
    Mar 27, 2013 @ 10:24:44


    I am Cecil’s wife. Thank you so much for this blog. I needed to be reminded of that as I am finishing up my recovery time & still sometimes struggle with the outcome of surgery. I know we hardly know you since we only spoke to you a couple of times @ MD. But you guys touched our hearts so please know we are thinking of you & praying for you. And believing for a miracle!!



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