Another Not So Great Day

Today has been another not so great day for Greg.  We slept pretty well last night, but he has felt really tired and weak today.  On Friday, his hemoglobin was low at 9 and today it was even lower at 7.   So, I think this may account for some of his weakness.  They usually don’t do a transfusion until the level reaches about a 6.  Today he was started on an iron supplement to see if that will help.  He also has a very poor appetite and has not been eating too much.  He did eat better at lunch today, but hasn’t wanted any supper yet.  He says that the medicine or something is making everything have a weird taste, so that doesn’t help to stimulate his appetite.

He also has a seroma that has developed in his groin area.  It is where a large catheter had been placed in a vein during surgery  to collect blood while Greg was on the bypass machine.  A seroma is a collection of fluid that seeps out after the surgery.  It causes and tenderness.  They have been putting warm compresses on it throughout the day, to try to reduce it.

Greg has been up in the chair and walking a good bit today.  We even went outside for about ten minutes, just for a change of scenery!  His pain medication has been changed from IV to oral.  He no longer has an IV at all.  Only lines left are for being hooked up to a heart monitor an oxygen saturation monitor when he is the room.  As of now, he is still scheduled to be discharged tomorrow.  Once discharged, we will go back to the hotel for several days until Greg feels ready to travel back home.

Please pray:

1. That Greg’s hemoglobin would increase (due to be checked again in the morning )

2. That Greg’s appetite would increase

3. That the seroma would resolve on its own with no need for intervention

4. That we would sleep well tonight

5. That Greg’s pain would be managed well with the oral medication

6. That the kids would be safe and healthy and have fun while we are away

Thanks again for faithfully praying for our family!!

Trusting His Plan,

Greg, Sandra, Katie, Emilie and Jacob


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sherie Evans
    Mar 31, 2013 @ 21:42:22

    Sandra we are praying so hard for Greg. Asking for his pain to subside, for the semona to resolve itself, for his hemoglobin to return to normal levels and for him to get rested. I am praying for you. I love you



  2. Sunshine Staley
    Mar 31, 2013 @ 22:50:48

    Sandra… You are so amazing. If it wasn’t for your obedience to Christ, you’d be a pile of mess and your husband and kids wouldn’t have anything to fall back on. Your strength and faith is the backbone of your family. Greg will make it through this. He has held you up all these years and now it’s your turn.
    God will prevail. Your children will aspire to be more like Christ because of you and Greg and the bond your family has.
    I pray that my family will mirror your disciplined values and closeness that very few families have. You all covet each other and cherish each others time. Praise God for families like yours.
    I love you. You are beautiful.



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