So Grateful For Those Who Are Willing To Give!

Settling in for a long night.  Blood transfusion is underway.    Thankful for those that give their blood to help save the lives of others.  Even more thankful for the blood of Christ that He freely gave to give us ETERNAL life!




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  1. Heather Smith
    Apr 02, 2013 @ 21:53:52

    Praying for Greg to have peace and for his strength to return…please know that you are not alone…we are praying.



  2. Sunshine Staley
    Apr 02, 2013 @ 22:26:40

    Praying for you Greg and for you Sandra. Hot to see Emilie today!! I think I squeezed a lung out! She’s so amazing!!



  3. Dorcas
    Apr 02, 2013 @ 23:08:13

    we are praying for you…



  4. Cheri Smith
    Apr 02, 2013 @ 23:47:22

    Praying & believing in agreement. Hope u feel God’s peace tonight and know that u are not alone. “He never leaves us nor forsakes us”. Praying for u guys to have a restful night.



  5. Diane
    Apr 03, 2013 @ 00:13:13

    To Greg
    Thankful that you are my brother. I love you. Praying that you will feel better now that you’ve had the transfusion.
    To Sandra
    Thankful that you are a nurse! and that you are there to see about Greg. Praying that you both will get some rest tonight.



  6. Murray's
    Apr 03, 2013 @ 10:25:41

    Love you guys and thanking God for his power, mercy and that he knows all! Thankful he works out everything out for our good even when we don’t see His good. Praying you come soon!



  7. sandra
    Apr 02, 2015 @ 09:27:51

    Reblogged this on Trusting His Plan and commented:

    I originally posted this exactly two years ago today. Greg was recovering from open heart surgery. Today is a great day to reflect on and be thankful for the blood of Christ that He willingly shed on the cross give us eternal life. What He did for us……there are no words. I am humbled and overwhelmed by His great love for me.

    Trusting His Plan,



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