A Gift Given…..A Gift Returned

A few weeks ago on Easter Sunday, Greg and I were still in the hospital after his heart surgery.  He had had the same nurse for a couple of days…..she was really sweet and friendly.  That morning, they had come to take Greg down for a chest X-ray and while he was gone, the nurse had come in to make his bed.  While she was in the room, we began to talk about different things.  I can’t really remember exactly what started the conversation, but she expressed that she had been struggling with anxiety in the recent weeks.  She said that she had never dealt with this before and didn’t know what to do to make it “go away.”  She said her husband told her to “just pray about it.”  She told him, “Really, just pray about it.  That’s your answer??”  She told me that she believed in God and that she knew her husband was right, but she was still having a hard time with it.  I began talking to her about how fear and anxiety is from satan.  I told her how I had also dealt with a lot of fear over the past year and a half since Greg’s diagnosis.  I shared with her how in the beginning I constantly had to rebuke satan in the name of Jesus and claim the peace that He promises us.  (I still have many days when I have to do this!)

We talked about this for a while and then I remembered that I had my copy of Jesus Calling on the bedside table.  Any of you that know me know how much I LOVE this little devotional!  It speaks straight to my heart almost every morning!  I asked her if she had ever seen this book and she said that she had not.  At that instant, I knew that the Holy Spirit was impressing on my heart to give her my copy.  I told her that I wanted her to have my book, and she began to cry.  She said, “No, I can’t take your book!”  I insisted and told her that the Lord wanted her to have it.  She agreed and said, “Well, let’s read today’s devotion together.”  She began to read it aloud, and guess what the devotion was about???  Peace in the midst of anxiety!  The tears really started to flow, as she said, “This is just for me!”  The last part of the devotion says:

“I also speak Peace to you, for I know your anxious thoughts.  Listen to Me!  Tune out other voices so that you can hear Me more clearly.  I designed you to dwell in Peace all day, every day.  Draw near to Me; receive My Peace.”

When Greg returned to the room from having his chest X-ray done, she said “Oh, don’t mind us.  We’re just having our own little revival!”  Before she left the room, she said, “You only thought you were here for heart surgery, you didn’t know that you were actually here to share this with me!”  How cool is that?????

Well, as soon as I gave her my book I was already thinking about how soon after I got home that I might be able to get out and get myself a new copy!   When we returned home a few days later, Greg’s parents picked us up at the airport.  When we arrived at our house and unloaded everything from the car, Greg’s mom had a gift bag for me.  She said that it was from one of her neighbors.  I looked inside and guess what it was?  Yep…..a new copy of Jesus Calling!!!  Because my God is just cool like that!!!!

That neighbor had no idea that I had just given my book away.  It was just God’s way of reminding me that He is ALWAYS with me, that He is FOR me, and that He LOVES me!!

If you don’t have this book, I highly encourage you to get a copy (and then give it away, if God tells you to!)  🙂

Jesus Calling

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Trusting His Plan,



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cherie Maurer
    Apr 20, 2013 @ 20:45:02

    WOW!!! I love how God does things like that!!! What a clear confirmation that you DID hear from the Holy Spirit that morning in the hospital room…and you obeyed!!! Rejoicing with you! Love you!!



  2. Lori Walker
    Apr 22, 2013 @ 16:29:07

    It’s so amazing how God works. I’m always in awe.



  3. Sonia
    Apr 24, 2013 @ 16:34:47

    Dear Sandra and Greg,
    I pray all is going well for you! I have been thinking about you and believing that God has amazing plans in store for you and your beautiful children. I have been reading the book you so generously gave to me. I am so thankful to God for you! God bless you! 🙂



    • sandra
      Apr 24, 2013 @ 23:47:33

      It is great to hear from you! I have thought about you and prayed for you often since we left the hospital. We were so blessed to have you caring for Greg after his surgery! I hope that things are going well for you and that you are enjoying the book!
      Much love to you!



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