Keep Your Eyes On Me!

Great word from my Jesus Today devotional.  Thought I’d share!  Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Keep your eyes on Me!  I am with you, taking care of you in the best possible way.  When you are suffering, My care may seem imperfect and inadequate.  You seek relief, and I make you wait.  Just remember: There are many different ways to wait, and some are much better than others.  Beneficial waiting involves looking to Me continually – trusting and loving Me.  Thank Me for this time of neediness, when you must depend on Me more than usual.  Do not waste this opportunity by wishing it away.  Trust that I know what I’m doing – that I can bring good out of everything you encounter, everything you endure.  Don’t let your past or present suffering contaminate your view of the future.  I am the Lord of your future, and I have good things in store for you.  I alone know the things I am planning for you – to give you a future and a hope.  ~Sarah Young

I find great encouragement in remembering this.  He loves me, He is with me, He is for me and He has a plan for me!  I hope it encourages you, as well!!

Greg is gone to have his labwork done this morning.  Please pray that all the numbers are within normal limits.

Trusting His Plan,

Greg, Sandra, Katie, Emilie and Jacob


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carole
    Jun 03, 2013 @ 20:41:53

    Thank you Sandra. Yes that says it all. You and Greg are such a Godly inspiration and I thank you for keeping all grounded and in His Word. I love y’all with all my heart. You and Greg have taught and lead Rollyn and I and I truly look up to y’all with the up most respect and love. Prayers always with you and my love Carole



  2. Faye
    Jun 05, 2013 @ 09:42:21

    What a wonderful word of encouragement on how to handle trials of suffering in our lives. Embrace them as we embrace the one who’s hand they are sifted through in love. Thanks for sharing!



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