Biochemo Round 2, Day 2

Not too much to report today. Greg has slept almost all day. He got up for a very short time this morning to do some computer work, then back to bed. Later this evening he got up and made himself do a couple of laps around the unit, then in a chair for while, then back to bed. Appetite has been really poor today. He ate a few bites of watermelon and a few grapes, and has drank some Gatorade, but that’s it for today.

He has had some nausea on and off today and a bit of a headache. The good news is that he didn’t have any chills after the Interferon injection this time! Praying it works that way with the rest of them! His heart rate is better today and he’s not complaining as much about his back hurting. Thank you for praying about these things with us yesterday!

A big THANKS to everyone that is helping us out with our kids while we are gone! It means the world to us!

Trusting His Plan,
Greg, Sandra, Katie, Emilie and Jacob


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