Biochemo Round 2, Days 3-4

This continues to be a tough week for Greg. He stays nauseated most of the time and eats very little. Most of the days he spends in the bed dozing on and off. He has absolutely no energy and just walking to the bathroom is tiring for him. His blood pressure has been pretty low at times and his fever will occasionally spike, so they are keeping a close eye on this. The good news is that all of his labwork continues to look good and he is coming to the end of treatment! His last bag of IL-2 is running now and should be complete about 3am. He will get one more interferon injection in the morning and then be DONE!! At this point he is scheduled to be discharged some time on Monday. Depending on the time, how Greg is feeling and how the flights look, we may come home on Monday or stay the night at the hotel and come home on Tuesday.

Please pray that Greg tolerates the rest of this treatment with no complications and that he begins to feel better once it is complete tomorrow.

Thanks for praying for our family!

Trusting His Plan,
Greg, Sandra, Katie, Emilie and Jacob


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Julie Alain
    Jun 15, 2013 @ 14:36:44

    Praying that this round continues to go as planned and you will be home and that Greg’s body has tolerates the treatment.



  2. Mary
    Jun 15, 2013 @ 15:13:50

    Continuing to pray! It is encouraging to hear that Greg’s lab work looks good and he’s almost done with this round of treatment. Praise God!



  3. Sherie Evabs
    Jun 15, 2013 @ 17:24:58

    Praying Greg can continue to tolerate this Biochemo and that his fever and blood pressure issues pass quickly. Praying for his appetite to return. Praying for healing. Praying for you Sandra. Praying for the kids. I live you all.



  4. Alicia Strickland
    Jun 16, 2013 @ 07:49:08

    Praying traveling mercies and for Greg to have the strength to fly home in God’s perfect timing. Praying the labs continue to look good and for Greg to feel like eating and have some energy. Praying strength for you Sandra. Praising the Lord!



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