Headed Home….We Hope!

If all goes as planned, we will be headed home shortly! It is about 10:30 am here and Greg is currently downstairs for an ophthalmology appointment. They want to make sure his eyes look okay and get a baseline exam before he starts on the oral chemo when we get home. Once he gets back, he will have his PICC line removed, we’ll pick up his chemo from the pharmacy, and hopefully he will be discharged! Then we’ll head to the airport and hope to make a flight soon without having to sit around all day.

He has tolerated this round of chemo well. It’s never fun or easy and always very hard on Greg’s body, but we are so thankful that he didn’t have any unexpected side effects or complications. Once again, we are ready to be home and with our kids. Although, only Jake will be home….Katie is still away working at Winshape Camps and Emilie has gone to church camp!

Once we get home, Greg will be having his blood checked twice a week and taking the oral chemo. We are scheduled to be back here at MDA on August 6.

Please pray for the following:
1. That discharge goes as planned
2. That we make a flight soon after arriving at the airport
3. That Greg tolerates the flight, as well as getting through the airport here and in Atlanta
4. That we can secure a wheelchair at the airport if we need one
5. For safety and health for both Katie and Emilie as they are away from home

Also, please pray for some of our friends that we have met here that are going through the same thing that we are: Lisa and her husband Dennis, who were discharged yesterday. Kylie and her husband Shannon, who were discharged a couple of days ago. And David, and his wife Claudia who still have a few days of treatment left. Also for a family in our homeschool group who is receiving treatment somewhere other than MDA, but are also dealing with melanoma…Bill and his wife, Tracy. I’m telling you, I had no idea how devastating and prevalent this disease is until we started this journey ourselves. It is BAD..but God is on our side and we are MORE than conquerors through Him!

Thanks to all of you for praying us through another round of biochemo! Thanks to all that helped with our kids while we were gone! We are so grateful for your friendship and your prayers! See you all soon!

Trusting His Plan,
Greg, Sandra, Katie, Emilie and Jacob


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Faye
    Jul 16, 2013 @ 12:38:53

    That sounds wonderful! Sounds like Jake and Greg will be able to watch the All Stars!



  2. Cherie Maurer
    Jul 16, 2013 @ 13:11:14

    May God, in His mercy, get you on a flight quickly, in the name of Jesus!!!



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