The Lamb Has Overcome!!

THIS is what keeps me going every day! Without this……what’s the point??


A Father To The Fatherless


Jake, Katie, Dad and I

Today is a tough day. A day that is hard to put into words. Today my heart breaks for my children, as they experience the first Father’s Day without their Dad. Today my heart breaks for my children whose father was taken from them “too soon”. And even though we think it too soon, and we don’t understand….we believe that God is sovereign and we trust in His timing. That doesn’t mean that we like it or understand it, but we choose to trust it.

And so today, like every other day, I cling to God’s promise:
A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,
is God in his holy dwelling. Psalm 68:5

I am so thankful that my children have this assurance that not only is our great God the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, but He is also the Dad of Dads! But even so, they miss their earthly Dad terribly (and so do I). Their hearts break for the void that they feel especially today, and my heart breaks for them.




If the Lord should bring us to your mind today, would you please pray for my children and all the other children that have lost their Dads “too soon”?

Today is a tough day, but we choose to continue…….

Trusting His Plan,
Sandra, Katie, Emilie and Jacob

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