Oh, What Freedom!

Greg and I on this day one year ago

Greg and I on this day one year ago

Today we celebrate the freedom of our great nation! A freedom that came at a great price…a freedom that came as a result of the sacrifice of many lives. A freedom that many still fight and sacrifice for today. A freedom that is anything, but “free”. My heart is filled with gratitude for those that have fought and sacrificed so that I may benefit from this freedom. I have the utmost respect and admiration for those that continue to this day…..fighting and sacrificing on my behalf. Not just the soldiers, but also their families…they are all in this together…and I am grateful.

And as wonderful as that freedom is, there is an even greater freedom to be thankful for. Christ came and died and rose again to give us freedom from sin, freedom from oppression, freedom from addictions, freedom from sickness and disease, freedom from worry, freedom from fear, freedom from whatever holds us captive, freedom from condemnation, freedom from evil and darkness, freedom from punishment, freedom from pain, freedom from death, freedom from heartache and disappointment, and most of all…..freedom from being eternally separated from God. And although, that freedom is a free gift to us, it was not free. Christ willingly gave His life so that we could enjoy that freedom. How I am humbled by His love for me, that He would do this. How I love and respect and admire Him for what He did on my behalf.

We won’t experience all of these freedoms this side of heaven….but as believers, we WILL experience all of them once we are Home! So today I rejoice that this is my future. Today I rejoice that this is Greg’s reality NOW!! That’s what I call FREEDOM!!

And even though I know this Truth, even though I know where Greg is and that he is living in that ultimate freedom, and even though I can rejoice in that…..it still hurts. The pain is still real. I still miss him like crazy. But…Praise God! I have a future that also includes the ULTIMATE FREEDOM!! I can’t wait!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Enjoy your day reflecting on the freedoms that you have been given and hug your loved ones tight. You never know what your life will be like one year from today.

Trusting His Plan,


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  1. marykprather
    Jul 05, 2014 @ 09:13:32

    “You never know what your life will be like one year from today.”

    Thank you, Sandra — you continue to inspire me to live each day to its fullest. Hugs to you.



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