Carrying Each Other’s Burdens

I am currently doing a Bible Study with two other women. The study is called Gospel in Life: Grace Changes Everything, and is written by Timothy Keller. Tonight I’m reading about living in community and came across a great explanation of Galatians 6:2, which says that we are to “carry each other’s burdens”. Mr. Keller says, “There is a hidden reciprocity in Galatians 6:2 that should not be overlooked. Notice it does not say ‘carry other’s burdens’ but ‘carry each other’s burdens.’ It means something like this: Live in a community where you don’t let others carry their loads alone, and where you also don’t try to carry your own load alone. Help others and let others help you. It is a form of hypocrisy to be willing to help others with their weaknesses but to hide your own or refuse help. It takes a gospel-changed heart to give help unselfishly to others, and it takes a gospel-changed heart to receive help unashamedly from others.”

Isn’t that so true? I don’t know about you, but those last two sentences are a killer for me! It is so hard for me to ACCEPT help and even harder to ASK for help. So, I continue to pray for a gospel-changed heart that I might be able to receive help unashamedly from others. And I thank God for those of you with gospel-changed hearts that have been so willing to unselfishly give your help to me. Thank you for helping to carry my burden!

Trusting His Plan,


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  1. Bethany Johnson
    Dec 02, 2014 @ 00:11:45

    That’s so good! I love how he communicates truth of the gospel!

    Bethany Johnson Sent from my iPhone




  2. Cherie Maurer
    Dec 02, 2014 @ 09:35:19

    That’s such a good word for all of us!! Thank you for sharing!



  3. Stephanie
    Dec 02, 2014 @ 11:07:08

    MANY, including you, have lived out a gospel-changed heart out before and for me and my family. It is extremely difficult to receive and or ask for help, but this is God’s design. I know I would have been unable to face many of the lasts years without His community! Your unselfish heart shared your journey with the church last weekend, and I know many people were provoked to examine their lives and just Give Thanks! We are proud of you!



  4. Betty Ragsdale
    Dec 02, 2014 @ 13:17:08

    God sent me to hear your message Sunday. I asked Kathy Ragsdale, to please get me a copy to share with my four children. I’m so grateful for your words and understanding and need support as much today as I did when my husband died December 20, 1978. Thank you for sharing. Love, Betty Ragsdale



    • sandra
      Dec 02, 2014 @ 13:31:22

      Thank you for your kind words, Betty. I am so sorry for your loss….from what I understand the pain doesn’t really ever get easier, just different. Praying for you as you are coming up on the anniversary of your husband’s death. May you feel God’s Presence in a very real and tangible way this Christmas.



  5. kddmyers
    Dec 02, 2014 @ 16:33:04

    Sandra, Thank you for this reminder of what it means to be in community with one another. Is there a way to get a copy of the message you shared at church?



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