A Word To All The Dads On This Father’s Day

Are you a Dad? Do you love your children? Do you really? A better question might be…..do your children KNOW that you love them? If you were taken from this world today, could your children say without a doubt, “I know my Dad loved me.”

Today has been a hard day. Today is the second Father’s Day that my children have gone through without their Dad. My heart breaks for them as they look around at all the other kids celebrating with their Dad and all the pictures and posts about Dads.

But the thing that I am thankful for today is that all three of my kids will tell you with certainty that their Dad loved them and was proud of them. No having to wonder….they knew. They knew because he told them all the time. But more than that he showed them. He spent time with them. He talked to them. He listened to them. He did things with them. He laughed with them. He taught them. He instructed them. He disciplined them. He played with them. He went to their events. He sent them emails and texts. He talked to them on the phone. When he was at work…he was 100% at work, but when he was home…he was 100% at home. He made it a priority to spend one on one time with them. He played ball and tennis with them. He rode bikes with them and hiked with them and swam with them. He played in the ocean with them and made sand castles with them and surfed and boogie boarded with them. He played in the snow with them and made homemade ice cream with them. He put their needs and desires above his own. When they were babies, he fed them, he rocked them, he changed them, he read to them, he bathed them and dressed them. As they got older, he guided them and advised them and taught them about the things that were important in life. He shed tears over them. He shared his love of music, and baseball, and the outdoors, and humor with them. He marveled at stars and sunsets with them. He would discuss things with them and challenge their thinking. He helped lead all of them into a relationship with Jesus. And always, always….he prayed for them. He loved them and was proud of them…and they knew it.

He was never too busy for them. He was never too tired for them. He never had too much work to do that he couldn’t spend time with them. He chose not to take better-paying jobs that required more time away from the family..he chose the family over the money. He gave up golfing and hunting to spend time with them. He wasn’t perfect, but he loved them and they knew it.

So Dads, I ask you again….do your children know that you love them? If you were suddenly taken from this world, would they know with certainty that you loved them, or would they wonder? Would they wonder if you loved your job more than them? If you loved your sleep more than them? If you loved your television more than them? If you loved your drink more than them? If you loved your money or your toys more than them? If you loved your hobbies more than them? If you love yourself more than them???

Yes, today was a hard day. But, praise God my children know that their Dad loved them.





Jake, Katie, Dad and I

Trusting His Plan,


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carolyn Masters
    Jun 22, 2015 @ 13:40:03

    Sandra, LIKE THIS!!! Thanks for sharing these truths with all Dads. We all can relate to how important it is to know our father’s love and care for us and even after they are no longer with us, we still remember how much they loved us and cared for us.
    So thankful we also know our Heavenly Father loves us and cares for us today and forever.



  2. dmy2121
    Jun 22, 2015 @ 14:52:21

    Greg was such a great role model for so many… male and female, moms and dads alike. So blessed that he was my brother and my kids’ uncle!



  3. Melanie McBride
    Jun 22, 2015 @ 16:58:38

    Your children were blessed with a wonderful daddy, to be sure. Thank you for posting this, Sandra. ❤



  4. kddmyers
    Jun 23, 2015 @ 07:45:48

    Thank you for sharing this. It speaks to moms as well 🙂 Thinking of you!



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