One Thing

Since I haven’t posted anything in quite awhile, I thought I’d share this post from one year ago today.

Trusting His Plan

“But that’s not fair! It’s the ONE THING that I REALLY want!” That was a lament that Greg and I often heard from one of our children when they were younger and didn’t get what they wanted. Maybe it was an item they wanted, something they wanted to do or somewhere they wanted to go. But whatever it was, if we said “No”, we were often met with this response. As if, had we agreed to it, all would be right with this child’s world……at least until the next “One Thing” came along!

There was quite a bit of drama included in these little episodes, and we joke about it now. But how many of us, as adults, have that ONE THING in our lives? How do we feel when we want something so badly, but we can’t have it? Maybe we stand shaking our little fists at God and…

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