Where Has The Time Gone??

I can hardly believe that we are well into the month of August! Did your summer seem to go by as quickly as mine?? I haven’t put up a blog post in quite a while and several people have asked how we are doing and what we’ve been up to. So here’s a quick recap of the highlights of our summer.

For those of you that have been following my kidney stone saga, you know that I ended up in the ER in Charlotte, NC the beginning of April. A CT scan showed “several good size stones”. I must have passed the smaller stones and seemed to be doing okay for several weeks, until the pain hit again and I was back in the ER the day afer Memorial Day. It was determined that I had a stone that was too big to pass, so I had surgery to have it removed. It took me a few days to get back to “normal”, but have felt great since! Not the start to summer that I had planned….but then again we don’t always get to plan. 🙂

I had the opportunity to go with a friend to see Christine Caine and Kari Jobe in their Living Unashamed tour. Christine is such a powerful and inspirational speaker. And I love, love, love Kari Jobe’s music! It was a great night!

This summer Katie again worked at Winshape Camps, but this time she worked at the new location in Cohutta Springs. This camp is only for high school girls. On one of Katie’s off weekends Emilie, Jacob and I went up to visit her and then we stayed a couple of nights in Chattanooga. That was the closest thing to a family vacation that we were able to get this summer!

Cohutta Springs is beautiful!!







Closing Ceremony

Point Park in Chattanooga












Starbucks on Lookout Mountain

Starbucks on Lookout Mountain

We enjoyed Raccoon Mountain Caverns

We enjoyed Raccoon Mountain Caverns

A trip to Chattanooga is not complete without a stop at Clumpies!

A trip to Chattanooga is not complete without a stop at Clumpies!

Katie started her new job at Point University! She’s staying really busy, but seems to be enjoying it.

We kept my 18 month old nephew for 10 days! It was a lot of fun and, as I was quickly reminded, a lot of work! He did great and it was a joy to have him with us. Somehow I managed to get ZERO pictures. 😦

Jake spent 2 weeks at Winshape Camps again this year and had a great time, as usual! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good pictures of him. This was his last year to be able to go, but he is already talking about wanting to return as a camp counselor!

I spent a couple of nights in Blue Ridge with some friends and we had a fun, relaxing get-away!



I went with my discipleship group to see Hillsong United and Lauren Daigle. Unfortunately, because of having to wait forever to get into the parking lot, we missed Lauren Daigle. And the weather was horrible and we were drenched before we ever got to our seats. But it was still fun and Hillsong was great!

Before we got out of the car and got drenched!

Before we got out of the car and got drenched!


Emilie’s 21st birthday was in June, but we celebrated in July with a trip to Hilton Head!

Lunch at the Salty Dog








So, that’s what we’ve been up to! Hope your summer has been a good one! And now, here we are already in August! Next week Emilie begins classes at West Georgia and Jake will be back at Point University! I’m looking forward to a little more routine and a lot cooler weather!!

Trusting His Plan,


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