What Are You Doing While You’re Waiting?

We are coming to the close of Advent 2016. Advent is the period of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas when Christians celebrate the days leading up to the birth of Christ. It’s a time of waiting….expectant waiting. Expectantly waiting for what we know is coming…the day that we remember and celebrate the birth of our Savior! My question for you is, “What are you doing while you’re waiting?” This year I have tried to be more purposeful in how I spend my time during this Advent season; purposefully preparing my heart for what is coming.

I start each day focusing my heart by reading a portion of a wonderful book by Ann Voskamp. There is a reading for each day of Advent.


Jacob and I started off the season by volunteering at the Operation Christmas Child warehouse processing shoeboxes to be shipped to children around the world. The particular day that we served 68,000 boxes were processed!! The boxes we prepared were being sent to Cameroon and Chad. My heart was humbled as I thought about the excitement these children will experience as they open their very own shoebox, full of toys and goodies and the love of Jesus.




We shopped for the perfect Christmas tree, brought it home and got it decorated. (And, I’m proud to say…it’s still standing!)



We hung our stockings on the mantel, our wreaths on the door and windows and displayed our nativity scene. We shopped for gifts for those that we love, wrapped them and put them under the tree.









We spent time with family and friends. Some activities included Fantasy in Lights, lunch at CFA, making homemade play dough Christmas cookies, watching Christmas movies, attending Christmas parties and drinking yummy homemade hot chocolate!













Chipper even went to the groomers so he would look his best on Christmas day!


We’re also cooking and cleaning and preparing a table. We’re looking forward to the next couple of days of being with the ones we love and worshipping the One who loves us so much that He was willing to come to the earth as a tiny babe. A babe that would grow into a man, who would suffer humiliation and pain and ultimately death to make a way for us to be with Him throughout eternity. For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son…..John 3:16.

These are just a few of the things we’ve done this Advent season. (The ones I remembered to take pictures of. 🙂 ) As I’ve reflected about Advent and what it really means, the Lord has shown me that for a believer, our entire lives are lived in a season of Advent. We are waiting. Waiting expectantly for what we know is coming…Christ’s return! So, the question once again is posed…what are you doing while you’re waiting?

Are you running yourself ragged trying to obtain the “perfect life?” Are you trying to outrun your pain, your grief, your rejection, your unwanted circumstances? Are you working yourself to death and missing out on the beauty all around you? Are you continually complaining and comparing yourself with others? Are you living in a constant state of stress and anxiety?

Or do you live a life of gratitude, even when it’s hard to find something to be thankful for? Do you accept your circumstances for what they are, trusting that the Lord has a good plan for your life? Do you thank God that He knows you and created you just the way He wanted you to be? Do you accept the peace that He promises to give you? Do you spend time focusing your heart and mind on Him? Do you make time to serve others? Do you make time to build relationships with family and friends? Do you share with others about what the Lord has done for you and through you? Do you spend time worshipping and getting to know the One that we will be spending all eternity with?

We are living in Advent, a season of waiting, and we should be making preparations. We should be living in expectation of what we KNOW is coming! What are you doing while you’re waiting??

Trusting His Plan,


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